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Time & Attendance

Do you know where your employees are right now? Who is on the schedule for this afternoon? Tomorrow? On overtime?

Since a great time system is vital to keeping your employees accountable, your payroll accurate, and your departments on budget, we provide a fully integrated time solution that works directly with our payroll software. Submitting payroll can be as easy as clicking a button.

Best of all, with the power of cloud technology setup can take minutes instead of days, and full integration means that your time clock will stay up to date whenever an employee's information changes.

Dashboard View Keep track of who is working, what they're working on, and how much it's costing you -- from anywhere in the world. Congratulations, you're now in complete control.

Benefit Accruals Employees can instantly find out their PTO and vacation balances as well as other accruals either at the physical time clock or simply by logging onto the web. With full integration, balances will automatically update to match the A1HR's payroll system.

Exception Tracking Keeping track of tardy or absent employees is just the beginning. What about tracking what overtime is costing you by department? Now that's something worth keeping an eye on.

Leave Requests Submit and approve leave requests without ever having to print or sign a piece of paper. Simplify your business and save the planet all at the same time. Not bad for a day's work.

Easy User Interface Employees come in all levels of technical ability so we keep it simple and make the time clock experience as painless as possible. If you can use a microwave then you're more than qualified to use our timeclock.

Export Capabilities Since time and attendance data doesn't do much good if it only stays in the clock we've integrated the time system with our payroll system to make turning hours into wages easier than ever.

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